Our adolescent environment – a centre of study and work in the country – supports the young people in their transition towards the adult society. Beautiful nature, healthy food and plentiful opportunities for meaningful activity all support achieving high standards in academic learning.

The modern, comfortable school site offers possibilities for in-depth academic study, artistic expression, real-life work experience and physical exercise in a full-boarding environment with German and English as languages of instruction.

It is a place for young people to live, learn, and grow!

“The secondary school, such as it is at present, has no other aim than to prepare the pupils for a career, as if the social conditions of our lives were still peaceful and stable. This school takes no particular care of the personalities of the children, any more than it furnishes the physical care needed in this period of adolescence. Thus, not only does it not correspond to the social conditions of our day, but it is utterly bankrupt before the task it will have to take on: to protect and encourage the blossoming of the personalities of adolescents, the human energy on which the future depends.” ~~~ Maria Montessori