Young people enrolling in the Montessori adolescent community should have developed adequate independence to pursue, under adult guidance, their studies and organize their lives.

Preferably, students have developed a high degree of independence in a Montessori Casa and through elementary programs.

Young people should be willing – and possess adequate skills:

  • to take care of themselves and their environment (shopping, cooking, cleaning, …)
  • to be independent  and self-motivated learners (able to set and pursue  their learning objectives following a lesson given by adults or peers, without the need for constant adult supervision) and good team workers
  • to possess self-discipline regarding their behaviour as part of the group (helpful, friendly and well mannered, ability to measure the consequences of their own actions)

Application process is open for both boarding and day students from the 5th till 12th grade (age: 10-18 years). Please send your detailed application and completed application form to

“Adolescence is characterized by a state of expectation, by a preference for works of creation, by a need to fortify selfconfidence. The child suddenly becomes hypersensitive to the sharp, humiliating treatment that he has up to now suffered with patient indifference. And the reactions of bitter rebellion that result sometimes give rise to morally abnormal characteristics. It is at this age that the “sensitive period” that ought to develop feelings of justice and personal dignity occurs. These feelings are the most noble of characteristics and ought to prepare the man to become a social being.
There is considerable transformation. This period has been termed a “renaissance,” a veritable second birth. It is, then, a birth to a new life. The individual becomes a social newborn.” ~~~ Maria Montessori